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Ten Minute Plays

"On The Cusp"

Cast: All roles are open to all genders, ethnicities, races, sexualities/romantic orientations, ages, and abilities. Please cast actors from historically underrepresented and/or marginalized backgrounds as much as possible.

As the moon, Pisces, Mars, and Venus bemoan the fate of humanity, Earth defends her inhabitants and the ephemeral beauty of their existence.

PremierCommunity Bake-Off. Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, Zoom. Directed by Emma Went.

One-Act Plays

Blood Vow

Cast: Open race/ethnicity. 1 she/her, 2 he/him, 5 any gender.


The quick-witted Lady Isabel Radclyf faces magic and demons when an old lover of hers mysteriously returns.

Premier: Unstaged Podcast. Directed by Jenna VanWeelden.


Cast: 2 female, 1 African-American female, 1 white male, 1 any gender/race/ethnicity


Where do you turn when life falls apart? Five people struggle to find connection as they trudge through life in 2020.

PremierTheatre, Virtually: A Festival of Ten-Minute Plays for Zoom, Purdue Theatre. Directed by Emma Poor.

Awards: Purdue Theatre 2020-21 Season Best Workshop

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