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Short Films

Longing For A Library

Comedy                                       Cast: 1f, 1m, 1 dog


Sally has to work from home to finish her year at Purdue due to COVID-19. Her dog and younger siblings have other plans.


Published by Purdue Libraries.



Dystopia, Romance                                Cast: 3f, 1m


Middle class Stella Katz and street scrounger Candice Wolf live in a society where physical touch has been banned under the guise of preventing physical abuse. Two law enforcers–Keeper Avrill and Keeper Nayte–grow suspicious of the girls' budding romance. 


Productions: 1st Annual Oskewawa Film Festival, Wabash High School. YouTube:

Skits & Shorts


Historical                                                           Cast: 3f

The story of Baron von Steuben raises some tough questions about the current and past state of homosexuality in the United States.

Productions: Entry for the EduHam Project, Spring 2019


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