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THTR 160 | Purdue University

First Try

Original concept sketch

Adding the Frame

Concept sketch of fake proscenium


This image came to me as I read the script, and I designed the space with the pictured questions in mind.


Original color scheme

Refining the Outline

Different iterations of the basic set silhouette

Finished Concept

Final concept sketch

Ground Plan 1

Rough top view of the ground plan, not to scale

Ground Plan 2

Rough front view of the ground plan, not to scale

Project | 01
THTR 16000 Design Project Fall 2019 | Underneath The Lintel Concepts

I chose the play Underneath The Lintel by Glen Berger for my scenic design project. Requirements included concept sketches, a presentation of our concept, (which I did in video form), and a rough ground plan.

Based on the script, I was drawn towards the idea of the only character, a librarian, presenting their monologue in an abandoned 1920s-era theater.

The librarian's struggle with life, death, self-reflection, and eventual newfound purpose informed the color scheme, choice of set dressings, and the shape of the back wall. Various symbols for mortality can be found scattered throughout the background of the set, including a skull, a clock looming over the only door, an hourglass, and broken mirrors.

The back wall has a descending line from left to right, with the lowest point being above the door. This is echoed in the librarian's hopeless, wandering entrance and their struggle to find purpose in life. The wall's rightmost section jumps back up to its original height, reflecting the librarian's renewed hope and purpose at the end of the play.

Project | 02
THTR 16000 Design Project Fall 2019 | Underneath The Lintel Model

I chose to set my project in the Hansen Theater in Pao Hall at Purdue University. I created a 1'-1/4" scale model of the theater using black foam core, and then added my full color design.

I used several found objects in my model, including pieces of an old T-shirt, half a snap from a sewing kit, T-pins, and a rubber plumbing washer. I deconstructed twist ties and used the wire for the birdcage and the chains to hang my cage, clock, and bar of lights. The lightbulbs on the hanging bar are single beads of Styrofoam from packing materials.

I used the snap, rubber washer and a toothed lock washer to create a slide projector, with the snap being the lens and the teeth of the lock washer representing the slides. I used T-pins as legs for my chalkboard and standing mirror. Aluminum foil represented glass for the three mirrors and became the blade for the oversized two-handed scythe.

The door actually opens and closes. On the bookshelf, scraps of craft sticks became books on the bottom shelf, and more Styrofoam beads became the skull on the second shelf and the hourglass on the top shelf.

Project | 03
THTR 16000 Design Project Fall 2019 | Underneath The Lintel​ Draftings

Requirements included concept sketches, a presentation of our concept, (which I did in video form), a rough ground plan, a collection of all no color 1/8 scale draftings, a 1/4 scale full color model, and a final presentation of our finished model.

I created some rough ground plans based on my concept sketches before starting my draftings.

I chose to create all of the draftings by hand, using an architect's ruler to draw lines to the correct scale. After inking all the drawings, I ironed the drawings to lay them flat for scanning.

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