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Wabash High School Drama Club

Project | 01
Fall 2018 | Operation: Drama Rescue

The WHS Drama Club faced extinction as the 2018-19 school year opened. We had no director, no access to old scripts, no way to get rights to new plays. On top of that, the costumes disappeared from storage and the basement where old sets and large props were stored flooded and destroyed everything.

But three seniors decided that wasn't going to stop them. I ended up wearing several hats for this production. Aside from writing and arranging the play, designing the set with 13 chairs and a desk, helping collect props from cast members, and co-student directing with the other two seniors, I also helped find adult directors, build the audition and rehearsal calendar, and advertise for auditions and show times. All while memorizing my own lines for my part in the production!


Running a scene to test lighting and spacing between actors


Final design for the Operation: Drama Rescue programs

Driving Me Crazy

Testing different improv sketches for the play.


A local newspaper featured my play, focusing on the story of its creation.

Testing Lights

Actress Madeline Helsel has a unique way of helping test lights!

Club Fair

Putting the finishing touches on the Drama Club board for the Wabash High School Club Fair.

Adapting On Site

Changing the script as inconsistencies and limitations presented themselves.


Actors pause filming "Reach" for notes from the DP.

Costume test

Trying on costumes for the final scene.

Making Props

I was in charge of collecting or creating props for the shoot, including the notes that the two main characters pass to each other.

Take One

Actor D.J. Bricker runs a scene. Photo: Madeline Helsel

Project | 02
Wabash High School Spring 2019 | 1st Annual Oskewawa Film Festival

Tied for 1st place in the First Annual Oskewawa Film Festival at Wabash High School.

The rules of the contest were simple: teams of no more than four people (not including actors) randomly draw two genres. You can either choose one or try for bonus points by combining both. Five minute time limit, and one required prop (set of keys) and one required line of dialogue ("Listen. Did/Do you hear that?").

Reach is set in a dystopian world where physical touch has been banned under the guise of preventing abuse and violence. But when two girls start spending too much time together, the Keepers have to investigate.

Since we had limited personnel, each person filled several roles. I was the screenwriter, actress, director, location scout, props manager, assistant costume manager, and a substitute camera operator. Creativity and flexibility were musts during this shoot, as we were all relatively inexperienced and figured out a process as we went.

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