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Hoosier Shakespeare Festival

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HSF 2022 Property Coordinator | Macbeth & Merry Wives of Windsor

Aside from assistant directing Macbeth under Doreen Bechtol, assistant stage managing both shows, and playing guitar and singing in preshow, intermission, and internal songs, I was the HSF Summer '22 Property Coordinator. I was in charge of acquiring, creating, and maintaining all props for the duration of the season.

I created staves for each of the weird sisters, taking input from Doreen and each actor to customize the look and decoration. Each staff corresponded to the witch's jurisdiction of time: past (Witch 2), present (Witch 1), and future (Witch 3). 

We used white lilies as a symbol of pure love and friendship in Macbeth. Lady M gives Banquo a lily shortly before his death, only for Banquo's ghost to leave a bloodied version at the banquet table. A clean lily appears after Lady M's death, which Macbeth carries into his final battle.

Merry Wives was set in the 1970s, so props included drinkables in period glasses, a Pet Rock and carrier for Slender, a magic 8 ball for Falstaff's witch disguise, lots of fabrics for the laundry basket, and plastic lightsabers.

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